1 Hybrid Cinema (F&S)
2 Screenwriting (Ackerman, poss double the # of classes & instructors for this)
3 Editing
4 Cinematography
5 Directing
6 Big Picture/Small Budget
7 Budget and Sked Guerilla Shoot (Ross Novi)
8 Marketing and Distro (w special guests, Film Fests and DIY)
9 Documentary
10 Business of Indiewood (Rima, Amotz & Mark)
11 Machinima
12 Case Study
13 Short Films go the Distance / Workshop
14 Indie Finance
15 Movie Sets 101 (non-Second Life version)
16 Indie Producing (Julie Lynn)

I’m intrigued by a turn of phrase that emerged from the Mission Statement

The First Film School for the Second Century of Making Movies.

Or… The First Film School for the Second Century of Filmmaking

Or… The First Film School for the Second Century of Movies

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